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Get Healthy with Our Weight Loss Programs

Losing weight and getting healthier is a common goal among both men and women. With 67% of the U.S. population considered overweight, it’s no secret Americans find it hard to shed extra unwanted pounds.


Getting started and sticking with a weight loss program can be a challenge, and many people find themselves abandoning their efforts after a few months. At Finish Line Wellness, we can help you begin and maintain a weight loss program in Savage, MN that works for you.


We help you conquer cravings, boost metabolism, and steadily drop those unwanted pounds. Our programs are designed to focus on both nutrition and exercise to help you reach your goals. Fill out the form below today, and let’s talk about health and wellness goals.

Carrying excess weight can lead to a whole host of other health problems. Not only can it affect your cardiac health, raising your cholesterol and your blood pressure, it can also affect the function and movement of your body.


Being overweight can put extra stress on your muscles and joints, as the extra pounds pull on deep tissues, potentially causing or exacerbating problems which can lead to pain, disease, and poor health. The stress of carrying extra pounds can also cause damage to your joints, and you may find yourself needing a knee or hip replacements as a result.


But all of these potential problems can be avoided when you choose to work with Finish Line Wellness. We’ll develop a personalized plan just for you, so you’ll not only look great but feel great, too.

Healthy weight loss requires a generally healthy person. If you have repeatedly tried and failed to lose weight, there’s likely a missing piece to the puzzle.


Some other health issue could be causing your weight problem and may be the reason you can’t shed weight through diet and exercise.


We’ll help to identify the missing piece holding you back and develop a plan to overcome it. With our help, you can lose weight in a healthy way and reach your fitness goals.

Avoid Health Risks by Losing Weight

Identify the Problem and Overcome It

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