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Melissa Taylor - Certified Health Coach

 I'm Melissa Taylor, wife of Jay, and blessed to be the mom of 5 amazing kids. We just recently moved to East Tennessee after being in Minnesota for 15 years. I grew up in rural Montana and Arkansas. I spent a summer in Africa, time in Hawaii, as well as D.C. working with kids. I also attended Montana Wilderness School of the Bible. My first love has always been children. This also happens to be how I was introduced to fitness. After my first was born 16 years ago, I was invited to start training for a 5k. It grew from there into 10k's, half marathons, and weight training. Over time, I realized the importance of not just physical activity but physical health, mental health, and nutrition.  Raising my children in an environment that encouraged each of these things has become very important to me. The older I get, the more I fall in love with taking care the one body we are given. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to encourage and teach others how to live their best life, with their best self, with the best attitude. 

 My hobbies include anything involving sunshine, traveling with my family (road trips!) yard work, running, good music, and reading. 

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