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Doctor Operating CT Scanner

Full Body Stress Scan

Introducing our brand new ZYTO full-body stress scan, an FDA approved technology that uses a hand cradle to measure the body’s galvanic skin response, similar to a lie detector test.


Each digital signature is measured against the human body and takes less than a half-second to record onto the software. The technology then measures the response of the body compared to the established baseline and provides a finalized report that we can e-mail to you.

The capabilities are vast with vertebrae, organs and glands, chemicals, nutritional deficiencies, and food sensitivities being just some of the many things that we can analyze. No blood testing or DNA necessary. The ZYTO full-body stress scan is an entirely non-invasive technology that provides instant results. No more waiting 2-4 weeks to review your scans.


Call and sign up today!

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